Getting the Most Out of Your Medicare Benefits

What You Should Know About The Program

Many people are not aware of all the benefits that Medicare has to offer. There are many different types of coverage you can get with your plan, and there are some great ways to save money on copays using these Medicare benefits.

First, there is outpatient coverage. This includes things such as doctor visits, physical therapy and minor outpatient procedures.

Second, there is inpatient care for hospital stays or surgery. Included in this section are overnight hospital visits and follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider after a visit to the emergency room.

Medicare Benefits

Third, you can get prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D! There’s also assistance if you cannot afford prescriptions at all through programs like Extra Help from Social Security. If you do not qualify for that program then ask about other assistance options when picking out a plan–many companies offer free medications every month (or even more often) on their plans! Fourth is hospice benefits which come into play near end of life when people who need long term care are no longer able to get out of bed.

Finally, there’s medical equipment and supplies which can include things like glasses, contacts or hearing aids–as long as they are medically necessary. Remember that you have to go through the medical supply store when buying these items though since Medicare will only cover them if your doctor writes a prescription for them! You also need to pay attention to what types of procedures qualify for benefits under Part A vs Part B because it tends not be clear cut in terms of which one covers what exactly. For example, outpatient care might seem like something covered by part B but actually it is mostly covered by part A whereas hospital stays are generally covered by both parts depending on how you stay in the hospital.

Understand your benefits and make sure you are getting everything available to you! This can help lower the cost of healthcare, which is good for both individuals as well as society on a larger scale.