The Difference Between a Good and Bad Real Estate Agent

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Good Real Estate Agent

Real estate Carmel agents are a dime a dozen. They’re all trying to sell you the same thing – your dream home. But what sets the good ones apart from the bad? There’s more to being a good real estate agent than just following through on their promises and listing homes for sale, but it starts there.

A good agent will follow up with you promptly about any new developments in your search, whether that be an updated list of houses or feedback about how they can improve your search. A bad agent might not even respond to messages at all, leaving you frustrated and confused as to where things stand in your quest for your perfect home.

Good real estate agents work quickly and efficiently to find you the best possible homes within your price range. A bad agent will waste time showing you properties that are either overpriced or not even in your budget, leaving both of you frustrated and confused as to where things stand regarding what type of house is out there for sale.

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A good agent keeps their promises; they’ll show up on time (if not early), answer questions thoroughly, and make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish during the closing process. If a problem arises at any point along this journey – such as an appraisal coming back low or hidden problems with the home being discovered after purchase – a good agent will be proactive about finding solutions instead of just letting it go unfixed. A bad agent will hit roadblocks and hit the brakes, leaving you to figure out all of these potential problems on your own.

A good real estate agent understands what you want in a home based on your feedback; they don’t try to push properties that just aren’t right for you. They take into account everything from location to square footage requirements when showing homes, ensuring that any new ones found are well within the criteria set by their client. A bad agent doesn’t ask enough questions about what’s important to you, leading them down paths where it seems like every house is perfect – but really isn’t!

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